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Our Products

Toilet Cubicle Malaysia | Cunomic


Cunomic was designed with practicality in mind. Its clean and simple lines complement a quality build that is highly durable.It comes with black aluminium finishing and nylon accessories that further enhances its quality look Available in various colours.

Toilet Cubicle System | Cuple


Cuple is a rigid and sturdy door system that compliments well any wall tile dividing panels. With a frame made out of aluminium complete with stainless steel finishing, it guarantees durability while giving off a sense of quality. Available in various colors.

Toilet Partition System


Simple in style, even simpler in design, Cuxury does not pretend to be anything else. It highlights this simplicity with a uniformed look that incorporates durable nylon accessories into its built. But for those that require a touch of class and luxury, stainless steel accessories are readily available. Highly customizable to suit any looks.

Toilet Partition Supplier


Cuxy tackles construction from a different point of view. Hung from the ceiling, it not only exudes a clean and practical look but makes maintenance relatively easy, specifically the floor areas. Aluminium finishing including at the edges, enhance both durability and quality. Available in a wide range of plain colors or design choices.

Stainless Steel Toilet Partition


Cubox's crisp layout provides for a very modern look while its sturdy build ensures durability. Its construction hallmarks one very important aspect of its design-simplification. Complementing this design mantra, its front panel provides a footless support to its overall construction while its stainless steel finishing and aluminium frames enhance its durability factor.

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Water Resistant Toilet Cubicle

Water resistant

Fire Resistant Toilet Partition

Fire resistant

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Scratch resistant

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